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Satisfaction Guarantee

Delivering value to my clients is my top priority. Over 80% of my business each year is from referral and repeat clients. I guarantee each coaching, facilitation and training session I conduct. In the unlikely occurrence you are not satisfied, I accept the responsibility for making the necessary corrections at my own expense. If this is not satisfactory, I will waive my fees for any of the work you consider to be unsatisfactory by your standards (excluding out-of-pocket expenses incurred).


Corporate Training, Strategic Planning, Workshops

Companies today are struggling. Competition, technology and changing consumer needs demand companies change and evolve rapidly. Change creates employee stress, doubts and fears. Organizations need to communicate effectively and develop leadership to manage results and create positive culture.

We use Organization and Relationship Systems coaching to strengthen and transform the system (team, organization) while increasing productivity. This supports the team, organization (system) to become response-able to better perform tasks (of the team, organization and/or system).

Research proves the most effective ways to create alignment is to not engage with the positions (the solutions advocated for by one partner), but to find common interests that lie behind the positions. For example, team members may be aligned about a merger but be in disagreement about the best way to go about it. The common interest is the merger; the positions are how to accomplish it.

We offer strategic customized solutions with tools and processes that have transformed thousands of organizations successfully.

Blended learning incorporates your organization’s assessment tools along with others such as DISC, Leadership Circle, Strengths Finder 2.0, Discover Your Strengths with Marcus Buckingham, The Enneagram and 360 Reach. The theoretical framework is derived from general systems theory, process work, emotional and social intelligence, organizational development mediation, empirical research, interest based bargaining and co-active coaching.

Outcomes include increased trust, stronger leadership, more effective communication, increased relationship management, team building, increased positivity, improved culture and better adaptation to change.

‘High-performing organizations are moving from competitive assessment toward a coaching and development model for performance management to address an unusual confluence of events: a slow recovery from a deep recession, the rise of a younger generation that expects more coaching and development and the globalization of much of the workforce,” said Stacia Sherman Garr, senior analyst for Performance Management, Bersin & Associates. “A coaching and development approach to performance management empowers organizations to provide support when they cannot offer more compensation. It also facilitates the development of younger workers and helps retain employees in competitive emerging markets.”

Strategic planning

Strategic planning is the weapon that most successful businesses utilize to reach their highest objectives. Using a systems mindset, we start with where you want to be as an organization and plan the steps backwards from the end goal. We use right brain and left brain processes to create a vision and a coach approach to set realistic plans, allocate resources, increase employee engagement, measure progress and create alignment so everyone is moving in the same direction.

Corporate Training Workshops

We provide customized workshops (half day or full day) that are fun and interactive to teach a coach approach for managers, key culture influencers, customer service and front line workers. The result is better communication and higher competency for listening, giving and receiving feedback, increased ability to motivate staff versus control and problem solve, increased ability to form purposeful alliances and creating accountability to achieve desired results. Other workshops available create high-performing teams (increasing trust and reducing team toxins), align employees to the organization’s values, clarify roles and responsibilities, improve culture, handle conflict effectively and increase productivity. We provide a comprehensive assessment including your objectives and any gaps evident and make recommendations on what training would best meet your needs.

Contact Victoria Brown today for a complimentary, confidential consultation; phone 604-764-7218 or email: