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Serious about receiving the help you need to achieve greater success in your business and life? Contact me today for a complimentary, confidential discussion.
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Satisfaction Guarantee

Delivering value to my clients is my top priority. Over 80% of my business each year is from referral and repeat clients. I guarantee each coaching, facilitation and training session I conduct. In the unlikely occurrence you are not satisfied, I accept the responsibility for making the necessary corrections at my own expense. If this is not satisfactory, I will waive my fees for any of the work you consider to be unsatisfactory by your standards (excluding out-of-pocket expenses incurred).


Executive, Personal Leadership and Life Coaching Success Stories

Clients are drawn to coaching for different reasons. Here are a few examples of recent outcomes with my clients. These are real life outcomes. In order to protect their privacy, I have removed their names.

  • Successfully resolved a conflict
  • Negotiated a lucrative buyout package
  • Implemented negotiating skills for a partnership
  • Developed a marketing plan for a new business
  • Created a strategic business plan for a fast-growing company
  • Amicably negotiated the completion of a business partnership
  • Increased self-confidence in a new career path and new city
  • Applied new techniques to solidify a significant relationship
  • Established a partnership alliance that met the needs of both individuals
  • Increased focus at work, gained more confidence and increased sales results
  • Landed an executive position with one of Fortune‚Äôs 100 Best Companies to work for
  • Substantially increased company production in the first year of relocation to a new city
  • Identified team toxins and created new team dynamics and interactions, increased harmony
  • More efficient time management that allowed time for values and passion, renewed energy and positivity
  • Obtained clarity on a new career path, increased passion for work and life and implemented new business activity and education
  • Established boundaries, learned to say no (based on values), effective communication (request) to meet needs at work and at home, increased self-awareness
  • Started a fulfilling pre-retirement and midlife plan including place of residence, travel, self-development and recreation based on his values
  • Gained clarity on next steps for a business, refocused the direction of the company, operated more decisively and communicated more directly with renewed confidence