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Satisfaction Guarantee

Delivering value to my clients is my top priority. Over 80% of my business each year is from referral and repeat clients. I guarantee each coaching, facilitation and training session I conduct. In the unlikely occurrence you are not satisfied, I accept the responsibility for making the necessary corrections at my own expense. If this is not satisfactory, I will waive my fees for any of the work you consider to be unsatisfactory by your standards (excluding out-of-pocket expenses incurred).


Health and Weight Loss

If you would like to know how to improve your health, make the best food and lifestyle choices and reach your optimum weight, Registered Natural Nutritionist and Certified Athletic Trainer, Judy Chambers RNCP, CPT, will help you through the maze of diet and health trends to the most current facts to support you to your goals. Visit her at Dynamic by Nature.


If you need help organizing your office, home or garage, Shelley Davies from Modern Order will help turn arduous tasks to completion.


Daring GreatlyDaring Greatly

Based on twelve years of research, Brene Brown makes a compelling point that vulnerability is not weakness, but rather our clearest path to courage, engagement, and meaningful connection. This book has many insights about behaviors of men and women, how we are conditioned and how we can become more connected to ourselves and each other.

gremlinTaming The Gremlin

This small, strange-looking book is a key book on recognizing and dealing with our inner critic or gremlin — the voice of doubt, fear and negativity within us all that wants to keep us small and keep the status quo.

strengthsfinderStrengthsfinder 2.0

Based on the work of the founder of Strengths Psychology, this short, conversational book and online assessment allow the reader to determine their strengths among 34 common themes. This book is also an introduction to many online tools that allow the reader to build upon their strengths over time.

emotionalintellEmotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

Goleman, a psychology professor at Rutgers, introduced the world to the concept of Emotional Intelligence (“EI”) with this groundbreaking book from 1996. The author outlines a wide array of competencies and skills that drive leadership performance. The four main constructs of EI are: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and developed.

relationshipcureThe Relationship Cure

John Gottman – THE relationship expert reveals the key elements of healthy relationships and provides methods to create them.

principle-centered-leadershipPrinciple Centered Leadership

Stephen Covey helps the individual examine what is at the heart of their leadership.

primalleadershipPrimal Leadership

Daniel Goleman provides sound and practical advice on leading effectively based on science and business experience

18minutes18 Minutes

How to prioritize, focus and cut through the clutter

poweroffullengagementThe Power Of Full Engagement

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz reveal the secrets of top athletes and successful executives utilizing energy as the way to maximize time in a 24/7 world.

Victoria Brown, CPCC ACC

Executive and Personal Leadership Coach

Why Professional Coach Victoria?

Victoria Brown, CPCC ACC, is an experienced, certified coach who has helped numerous successful business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals around the globe. She has an extensive corporate, marketing, sales and retail background spanning over 32 years with a proven record of achievement generating millions in revenue, business development and problem solving.

She is an engaging facilitator who generates powerful results, implements strategic solutions and is committed to excellence. Specializing in leadership and organizational development, she frequently speaks and writes about success strategies for busy professionals and building winning teams. More about Victoria.


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Business Client &
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“Victoria has an excellent process…I have pushed through some barriers that have helped myself and my company grow significantly. …I feel comfortable recommending Victoria to anyone that is interested in creating a well-balanced life for themselves and their family.” —Gord Schellenberg, CFP, Quasar Financial Planning Group.

“Victoria has a broad experience as a high performer herself. She is wise, sensitive, creative, and, most important, trustworthy. I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor who will work to support you to be the best you can be both in performance and as authentic in your life.”
Richard T. Clarke, President – counselor – consultant, Richard T. Clarke & Associates Inc.

“Victoria’s strength as a strategic thinker is valuable. She has earned a reputation as a solutions-driven leader…she is exceptionally organized…Victoria is the person that can be relied upon to get you to the finish line.”Lori Chalmers, Publisher Vancouver Magazine

“She does an amazing job of guiding you to where you want to be. Whether it’s a personal goal or a professional plan, Victoria will help you get there.”Glenda Ainsworth, National Advertising Account Executive, The Vancouver Sun and The Province

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